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Democrat for
2nd Ward Council


Rosetta “Rosie”


Democrat for
5th Ward Council

About Brandon Bernier

Lifelong Roselle Resident
Graduate of St. Joe’s & Roselle Catholic High School
Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering
Project Engineer & Director of Business Operations at EJC Systems
Roselle Planning Board Commissioner
Roselle Democratic Committee Member

About Rosetta "Rosie" McCamery

Roselle Homeowner for 10 years
Master Sergeant, United States Air Force
Master’s Degree in Public Administration
Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration
CEO & Founder of S.O.A.R. H&T Non-profit
Unit Training Manager – NJ Air National Guard
Commissioner on the Roselle
Urban Enterprise Zone Corporation
Roselle Women On The Move
Volunteer Group Member
Member of the Roselle Chamber of Commerce

When I first ran for Council six years ago, I promised to be a fresh voice demanding real change, and we have certainly changed a lot together since then. The Borough’s finances are back on track with no municipal tax increase in the last four years, projects I heard talked about my entire life are no longer just dreams but a reality, and we have made historic investments in our parks and roads. I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished together, and I’m excited to ask to continue to serve as your 2nd Ward Councilman – fighting for you each and every day.”

I have been fortunate enough to serve the Roselle community for years through youth outreach work with my non-profit and volunteer work with the Borough. Like many residents, I have a family with school-aged children who depend on us to build a brighter future for them. As the Fifth Ward Councilwoman, I know I could do more to uplift families and make Roselle stronger. I humbly ask for your support to serve this community in a greater capacity.”

On Council, I remain committed
to delivering results:


  • Maintained no municipal tax increase in the last four years, investing in the Borough and improving services without further burdening residents
  • Secured $10.5 million in grant funding from state and county partners to expand and renovate our library, which will finally reopen in the coming months
  • Repaved 66% of 2nd Ward roads in the last 5 years, with major projects on East 2nd Avenue and Spruce Street slated for this year
  • Revamped Poplar Street Park and secured $1 million grant for Warren Street Park, breaking ground soon to be the Borough’s first inclusive playground
  • Laid the groundwork for smart redevelopment along St. George Avenue, with plans for an IHOP and mixed-use development including 10% affordable housing
  • Modernized DPW services with automated trash collection, improving the aesthetics of the Borough and efficiency of service – recycling set for 2025
  • Brought much-needed resources, attention, and investment directly to the 2nd Ward, which was historically overlooked and marginalized over the years
  • Continued to be a responsive Councilman that serves you with integrity, answers when you call, responds when you email, and actually solves problems

As the 5th Ward
Councilwoman, I will focus on:


  • Keeping Municipal Taxes Flat
    Ensure responsible spending and create new revenue-generating opportunities for the Borough, including aggressively going after more grant dollars.
  • Developing Youth and Family Programming
    Create programming that directly enriches the lives of our young people and creates more opportunities for family engagement.
  • Improving Communication and Transparency
    Create more effective communication channels to share Borough activities, initiatives, projects, resident support resources, and more.
  • Improving the Quality of Life for Residents
    Support the beautification of the plaza on Raritan Road, secure quality businesses for vacant storefronts, address noise, and code violations, and address flooding issues and traffic safety concerns.
  • Accessibility & Service
    Conduct monthly community meetings, resolve resident-reported issues, and serve the community with integrity.

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PO BOX 3793, Union NJ 07083